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Welcome to Neighborhood Properties, Inc.

Neighborhood Properties, Inc. (NPI) is a unique and innovative service provider in Northwest Ohio. Our goal is to end homelessness for persons living with mental illness and/or addiction disorders.

How does NPI tackle such an ambitious goal? -- With permanent supportive housing.

It is one thing to offer a person a place to live. It takes much more to follow up and ensure they have the support they need to remain stable, healthy and housed. At NPI we try to cover all the bases.

Founded in 1988 with a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NPI today owns 540 apartments in 60 locations in Greater Toledo. The newest location, a wellness and recovery center, opens in 2018.  It will be the first facility of its kind in Northwest Ohio.

NPI is a leader in supportive housing development both regionally and nationally. Our outstanding employees have led trainings, seminars and conference panels on how to develop and maintain effective programs.

For more information about NPI, please call 419.473.2604 extension 100.