Neighborhood Properties Inc. (doing business as NPI) was founded for public benefit and operates to accomplish a well-defined, articulated mission. Agency programs effectively and efficiently work toward achieving this mission and the commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Based on the values of quality, responsibility, and accountability, non-profit board members, volunteers, and employees act in the best interest of achieving the agency’s mission at all times. NPI’s Guiding Values include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
    • We strive to establish a caring respectful environment for all customers, internal and external.
  • Communication
    • We share information and welcome new ideas.
  • Commitment
    • We earn trust every day by doing what we say we will do. We show our dedication to tenants with action, follow-up, and results.
  • Empowerment
    • We empower employees and customers by recognizing that where they are today does not determine their potential for a greater tomorrow.
  • Respect
    • We value honesty and fairness in all relationships. We maintain an attentive and understanding perspective of colleagues and customers.
  • Celebrating Success
    • Achieving our mission is a journey; we celebrate success along the way.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to provide guidance to all employees regarding the standards of conduct which are expected from every individual employee of NPI. Ethical conduct, as mandated by the code, will enable NPI to be known for the highest standards of fairness and integrity in all facets of operation enabling the fulfillment of our mission.

Core principles guide the conduct of the Directors and staff members of NPI. These values help to define the identity of the agency and describe how its mission is fulfilled.

The following are some of the core principles of NPI:

  • Belief in the capacity of clients to direct their recovery
  • Cultural diversity, and cultural competence standards
  • Use of services having evidence of effectiveness
  • Protection of tenant and guest rights
  • Community collaboration to achieve continuity of care
  • Principled leadership
  • Sound governance
  • Financial accountability, and responsible use of resources
  • Systematic collection, reporting, analysis, and use of outcome data
  • Complying with all applicable federal and state laws

NPI, has established the following standards, policies and procedures for conduct to be followed by its employees and other agents that are intended, as being reasonably capable of reducing the prospect of illegal behaviors.

Communication of Information, Honesty and Disclosure

NPI requires full and fair disclosure of relevant agency information requiring candor and honesty from all employees in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Honest disclosure of all pertinent data will extend to dealings with independent accountants, legal counsel, internal audit personnel, compliance personnel, and other regulatory agencies as required. Continued honest dealings with parties interacting with NPI will protect and enhance its reputation for integrity and honesty.

Observance of the Law

NPI expects compliance with all facets of the law. It is expected that all individuals employed by NPI will adhere to this standard. Where the law may be ambiguous or appear in conflict with our method of operation, employees are directed to contact the Executive Director Counsel to obtain an outside legal opinion.

Compliance with all pertinent governmental reporting regulations and the utilization of accepted accounting principles is a minimum standard for NPI. All transactions of the agency must be recorded and accurately reflect the activities they represent. Intentional misrepresentations of fact or omissions of pertinent data cannot and will not be tolerated. All personnel will be required to adhere to the financial reporting policies as they are developed. Employees must also comply with the rules and regulations contained in the Policy and Procedure Handbook.

Nature of Professional Relationship

Employees must maintain a professional relationship with guests, tenants, tenants’ family members or other significant individuals associated with the tenant always and not just during work hours. Employees are prohibited from engaging in any conduct with a tenant or their family member that could potentially be viewed as unprofessional or inappropriate.

NPI recognizes that the opportunity exists for its employees to interact with its clients in more than one context.

Each licensed employee of NPI, including but not limited to accountants, social workers, and peer supporter counselors are is expected to abide by the appropriate and applicable Code of Ethics established by their respective licensing board.

Conflict of Interest

NPI expects the primary interest of employees to be the people we serve. A conflict of interest occurs when the interests of an employee or outside party actually or potentially affect NPI or the people we serve in a potentially negative way. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

Outside business interests - Employees may have outside business interests and outside employment so long as these do not interfere with job performance or create a conflict of interest.

Gifts, gratuities - Employees are not to accept gifts, gratuities, free trips, personal property, or other items of value from any client, or any outside person or organization that does business with NPI. Any questions concerning this policy should be discussed with Human Resources.

Personal beliefs - NPI recognizes that its employees may hold a wide range of personal beliefs, values, and commitments. These beliefs, values and commitments are a conflict of interest only when:

  • They prevent employees from fulfilling their job responsibilities.
  • Employees attempt to use NPI resources to support their extra-curricular activities.
  • Employees attempt to convert/convince others after being asked to stop.