The Wellness and Recovery Center is a twenty-four hour peer staffed respite care facility which opened in Lucas County in October 2018. The goal is to support individuals (guests) 18 years of age or older, under emotional distress while addressing their basic needs in a friendly and relaxed environment with a compassionate and understanding approach.

Neighborhood Properties' Recovery Coaches are individuals living in recovery from mental health and or addiction. Each staff member is trained with the ability to assist guests through their distressing circumstances by using their own lived experience to promote personal growth and wellness.

Our vision is to create a safe and empowering program where the guest engages in principles of recovery emerging from emotional distress with wisdom and skills for living well.

Registration at the WRC is voluntary with a maximum stay of 7 days. At the time of check-out, guests will go back to her/his environment with a refreshed outlook in order to position themselves out of the immediate situation that created their emotional distress.

Research has shown that peer support facilitates recovery and reduces health care costs. Peers also provide assistance that promotes a sense of belonging within the community. The ability to contribute to and enjoy one’s community is key to recovery and well-being. Another critical component that peers provide is the development of self-efficacy through role modeling and assisting peers with ongoing recovery through mastery of experiences and finding meaning, purpose, and social connections in their lives (