Adult Care

Dignity & Support

NPI’s primary focus is supportive housing for those who can live independently. However, sometimes a more structured living environment is the best choice. For these customers, the Adult Care Facility (ACF) Program enhances recovery and personal growth in a group care setting.

ACF homes are privately owned and operated, housing five to 16 customers each. Over 100 consumers are involved, enjoying positive living environments of their own choosing. Some of the benefits include 24/7 staffing and help with activities for daily living.

NPI administers the program for the Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, overseeing the funding and quality of services. Manager of ACF Operations Lynnette Hair offers training for ACF staff and encourages independence and hope for individual residents. Lynnette has spent more than a decade working with disadvantaged and disabled populations in Northwest Ohio.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

At NPI we believe that clinical care is just a beginning. To move to new levels of wellness, residents benefit from peer support, role models and encouragement to participate in the community. Social Recovery is the main focus of this program. Social Recovery enhances a person’s living skills, with a special emphasis on improving the quality of life. Goals may include community involvement, employment or education. We work with consumers to help them meet their goals, beginning at whatever level is appropriate. The first step is to determine their background, skills and interests. NPI staff builds on each person’s strengths to develop a recovery plan.

For more information please call: (419) 473-2604 ext. 121

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